What the South African Work and Office Space Looks Like Going Forward


What the South African Work and Office Space Looks Like Going Forward

11 August, 2022

Finally, South Africa (and the world) has started to move on from the now played out phrases which spoke about unprecedented times, the new normal, and everything else that we grew accustomed to during the height of the pandemic.

As we make strides towards recovering and rebuilding, it is impossible to ignore the impact of the pandemic on office and work life.

Working from home and hybrid models stopped being a concept of a distant future and became a reality of the now. Companies adjusted, office spaces were left unattended, and today many are navigating the delicate balance of working from the office, working remotely, and crafting the perfect hybrid model. As a result, the real burning question has now become: What does the South African work and office space look like going forward?

It’s a layered question to answer as there are multiple factors to consider. First, people.

People are an essential resource in any business. The future of the local workspace needs to consider how individuals and teams come together, work together, and interact with each other to deliver the best results. Ultimately, how the company’s culture is communicated and lived in an age of limited in-person engagement.

Second to consider are the tools and devices required to do the work. This includes laptops, routers, and other hardware and machinery. However, in an age of workspaces potentially no longer rapidly expanding to accommodate a growing list of in-office staff, this also includes office furniture such as chairs, desks, and more. What made sense for the in-office environment might not make sense for the employee whose workstation is set up at home. Along with the amount of space available for their home office furniture set up, the working from home employees’ needs may be different.

Where hybrid models are concerned, employers still need to make considerations for those who are in-office and must create an office environment with furniture that fosters productivity and comfort.

These are just two of many factors that must be considered as we all shape what the South African work and office space looks like going forward. Despite these considerations, one thing remains true: whether it’s in the office or from home, having quality office furniture is essential in ensuring that your team thinks, feels, and works better.