Benefits of having plants in the office space

Plants in the office – yay or nay?

18 October, 2022

Spring is here, and the Southern Hemisphere is enjoying a gorgeous (albeit incredibly hot) bloom. Everywhere you go, the stunning hues of various plants and flowers are delighting our senses, but should these delights be limited to the outside world or can workspaces benefit from their presence as well?

Plants in the office – yay or nay? For us at Cecil Nurse, we’re definitely leaning towards the yay. Along with the awesome aesthetic some greenery can bring to your office spaces, studies have identified a few more surprising and quite sensible benefits that come with having plants in your office space.

Plants boost productivity

Some studies have recorded well-being improvement scores of up to 15% and productivity scores of up to 6% in workplaces that began incorporating natural elements. Adding greenery to the office space can help realign our attention and focus.

Plants are a stress reliever

In a 2010 study by the new University of Technology, Sydney – it was found that there were significant stress reductions among workers when plants were introduced into their workspace. Despite its small sample size, the study highlighted that even a single plant can play a large role in lifting spirits.

Plants are a morale booster

Nature has healing powers, and adding plants to an uninspiring space can be a great mood booster. Indoor plants can help create that connection to nature. While it might not be as epic a nature experience as going out for a hike to feel the great outdoors, creating even the smallest connection to nature taps into our biophilia and can inspire mood boosts.

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