Benefits of a great office/work chair

Work Better: Why having a great office chair matters

25 October, 2022

The average employee spends a great percentage of their workday seated. From the drive to the office, the hours spent at the office, and the drive back home – many hours of our days are spent nestled in the comfort of whichever seat we’re using at the time.

When you also take into consideration the rise of the number of people working from home (and the sometimes increased working hours as a result), you realise the growing importance of choosing a great office (or home office) chair for yourself and your team.

But why is a great chair so, well, great?

It is good for your health

As we mentioned earlier, the modern professional spends many hours of their day seated. An ergonomically designed chair will, amongst other things, aid in alleviating a few health concerns that come with long stretches of seated time. These include reduced pressure on your hips, reduced lower back and neck pain, and improved posture support.

It helps with productivity

When you aren’t spending your seated hours being uncomfortable and bothered by some of the health issues mentioned above, you can focus on your work and on getting things done. An ergonomically designed and comfort-focused chair is also great for employee morale and happiness, as some studies have proved.

You can adjust it for you

We’re all unique individuals with unique preferences and wants. The modern office chair offers great flexibility for the individual and allows them to create the seating dynamics that are perfect for them. These adjustment choices include adjustable armrests, seat height, seat depth, and back recline.

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