Taking a break at work

The Benefits of a Break During the Workday

In what feels like the never ending pursuit of deadlines, consistently delivering our very best, and perfection during the work day, we sometimes forget the importance of one very simple but significant thing: hitting the pause button.

In high pressure work situations, it can be tempting to work yourself past the point of mental and physical fatigue. However, taking a break is essential in allowing you to keep performing at your best. Below are a few more benefits of regular breaks:

Breaks help us be more productive

Without any downtime to refresh, we become less efficient, less engaged, and more likely to make mistakes. Regular breaks allow the brain time to process the task(s) at hand and stimulate new ideas and approaches to delivering the work.

Breaks encourage the adoption of healthy habits

The best kind of habits are healthy habits. When you forgo the much-needed break, other positive habits become much easier to ignore. These include: staying hydrated, eating healthy meals, sleeping, and exercise. Regular breaks that include these habits help foster them.

Breaks improve our creativity

Similar to the first point, working beyond our fatigue barrier exhausts our cognitive ability, resulting in a reduced ability to make creative connections. Breaks energise you for the task ahead, allowing you to provide it with energy, clarity, and creativity.

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