Building Collaborative Working Spaces

Work Better:Building Collaborative Working Spaces

10 November, 2022

Collaboration. A simple word that, when done correctly, can yield great results. Yet, many organisations continue to struggle at attaining it. At its best, collaboration results in a team that is functioning seamlessly and is always on the same page. At its worst, it results in disjointed efforts with members of the team working in silos.

The big question is: How does one arrive at the point of seamless collaboration within their organisation?

Like many concepts, there are many tools and considerations that can assist in the journey. Slack, Microsoft Teams, culture and more. Today, however, we’ll be focusing on the aesthetics and setups that help foster collaboration in the workplace.

A challenge many companies face is creating spaces that balance “me” versus “we” spaces. In the race to achieve the grand collaboration goal, workspaces can sometimes be overly invasive and dominated by common spaces that never afford employees any me time, away from their colleagues.

The development of strategically placed communal spaces where people can engage and interact with each other is one way to curb the lack of “me” spaces. Communal spaces can be boardrooms and spaces where people can have their food at lunch time. More importantly, these spaces should feel distinct and different from the rest of the workplace. And that’s the aesthetic execution comes in.

Key aesthetic considerations:
• Choose the right colours for your collaborative spaces.
• We’ve written about this before, but it bears repeating: plants can elevate any space
• Think about what type of furniture needs to be in the space. Should the chairs be standard office chairs or chairs that are made for collaborative spaces such as our Draughtsman Chairs & Stools range.

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